Indigenous Unity Flag

A symbol of unity, sovereignty and solidarity among indigenous nations and peoples.

A Symbol of Unity Among all People

Welcome to our website for the Indigenous Unity Flag. This year in 2017 our flag reached its status as an internationally recognized symbol of unity with over 1000 flags worldwide on six of the seven continents and today is used as the exclusive flag of dozens of indigenous tribal nations in the Americas, Africa and in Asia representing their heritage as earth's natives.

The International Indigenous Unity Flag (Indigenous Unity Flag) was designed as a universal cultural symbol for the perfect world in peace in all its geographical, human and ecological diversity. It is universal because every indigenous culture interprets the design and identifies with it as a symbol that represents diverse community and native tradition.

There are many flags we like that behold strong statements in their idealism. We discovered in offering our flag that it gave people a feeling for hope, peace and a utopian world-view, encompassing the visions of most indigenous communities today that live in rural areas which still embrace tradition and their native cultures.

New Partnerships and New Website for 2018

We registered a new domain name in an effort to consolidate volunteer agendas, social media and programs that promote the use of our flag as a symbol and an informal uniform social contract of non-state unity (brotherhood) with their like-minded fellows.

The new website is will take over and phase out our which shall expire in 2018. The new website will include some of the original content, it will include news articles, the new site will consider all of the social media network developments to consolidate our efforts.

The new Web Site will be developed using Google's G-Suite and be emulated on the Globcal International Network. The website is being developed using American English and will be translatable into many languages.

Ordering a Flag

Our flag was developed as a symbol of unity and universal spiritualism among those who possess indigeneity. It is available for use anywhere on the planet to show solidarity towards the preservation of traditions, customs and culture of indigenous peoples no matter where they live in the world.