Indigenous Unity Foundation

Non-State Foundation of Globcal International

The Indigenous Unity Foundation is a Belize International Foundation established offshore to maintain its neutrality as a sovereign body and independent legal entity that does not belong to any government, nation, state or body politic. In the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) our foundation is recognized as a benign non-state actor, private charitable foundation and international non-governmental organization operating under the umbrella of Globcal International as a cooperative member practicing global citizenship. All business performed with the foundation is done understanding private international law and admiralty maritime law.


Our foundation is responsible for funding programs that protect indigeneity. We provide grants, scholarships, and develop programs around fortifying and preserving native indigenous cultures, languages, traditions and ways of life. Our international sponsors and parent organization provide accountability, direction and operations support for the integrity of the foundation.

Planned projects in 2020-2030 include the collection of donated personal property and acquisition of public surplus in North America for reuse in sustainable development projects involving educational, environmental, municipal and transportation infrastructures for indigenous villages in Central and South America.

Indigenous Product Sales

Fundraising and the collection of discretionary funding has changed over the past decade while we still enjoy receiving gifts like endowments, patronage and supporting sponsorships with corporate support for large projects and missions, individual support remains our primary economic resource because we are founded by people that want to make change and demonstrate their big hearts. Today, individual donors and patrons expect and deserve a grateful exchange for their support in the form of awards, certificates, gifts and tokens of our appreciation which has led us to develop a catalog made by the foundation and its members one page and one product at a time from around the world.

In 2018, our fifth full year, we began the development of an exclusive program with our sponsors and founders involving the sale and distribution of products that are made by native indigenous peoples living in their cultural enclaves. The program is co-opted by the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative and the Pan-American Foundation (Fundacion Panamericana) in South America through Globcal International. Many of the products we offer and present are exclusive and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Globcal International, signed by one of their ambassadors and placed on the UNESCO register.