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Please use this form to order your own "Official and Original" International Indigenous Unity Flag(s) shipped directly from the author, Ambassador Col. Michael Sher in Ontario, Canada.

Complete the form below, select your options and select your form of billing or payment which is processed upon form submission to the Indigenous Unity Foundation, once your payment is matched with your order the foundation will make an official request for the Ambassador to send your flag(s) to you directly from his personal residence in Ontario, Canada with an authenticity certificate.

Terms and Conditions

All flags sent by Ambassador Sher are accompanied by a personal note, a postcard, a miniature hand-held desk flag and flag design stickers as gifts. The new updated flag manual is available online October 2018 'Flag Protocol for Advocates.' Flags can also be sponsored for/by a third-party using this form, as of January regular sized flags are $65 USD (formerly $79 CAD) each from the author with a small discount for those who order more than one. All profits from flag sales go to the Indigenous Unity Foundation and producing more flags for our activists.

Patrons can pay for their order here using PayPal, Google Wallet (G-Pay), Stripe, Facebook and other selected forms of billing and payment including mailing a check, making an e-check or sending a money order by following the (proof of payment) instructions which shall be emailed following form submission. Blockchain payments are not accepted for the flag itself, but will be available using our new e-commerce soon. Links will be provided by email once you submit your order form to select and complete one of the payment options.

If you are ordering a single flag or other items from our catalog using PayPal or G-Pay we recommend using our catalog.


Provide complete personal or business name, address information, an 'in care of person' if necessary, your province, state or district, the name of the country, and other requested information in the second part of the form. If it appeals to you once you receive your flag, fly it, or use it in a demonstration; to please send us a photograph of it being displayed. Thank you!

This form is for non-state 'international' flag sales only; other flags, medallions, promotional items as well as other Indigenous Unity Foundation products are available only through our e-commerce site (coming 2020).
The information provided by customers in this form is used expressly to facilitate an international commercial transaction with a non-state foundation governed by the jurisdiction of the Caribbean Community, private international law, admiralty law, the laws of the sea and ultimately by the laws of Mother Earth. Privacy: Globcal International and the Indigenous Unity Foundation, records the names of the flag recipients for demographic purposes, no other information collected here is shared with or displayed to third-parties or sold for the making of mailing lists.

Incomplete and truncated forms and those not accompanied by a payment transaction number or followed up with mailing a check will be deleted and removed from our database in 30 days.